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Personal Consulting

In a personal consulting session you will receive one-on-one consulting from a certified Powers Method consultant designed to provide instant clarity and direction. Implement this knowledge to increase the peace and joy in your life, as well as personal and business relationships.


Imagine improved clarity and confidence in yourself, your life plan, your career or business, and in your relationships. A Powers Method session with a certified consultant can help you regain balance and get back on the right track. It can also help you understand what lies ahead, giving you insights that help you plan with confidence as you encounter decisions in the upcoming days, months, or years. The Powers Method helps you better understand your true nature, and how to navigate life’s seasons. 


Start to incorporate these insights into your daily life to harness the positive momentum of the universe and to help you accept certain realities with self-compassion and grace.

Harmony Packages

Our clients have found that the more frequently they receive their one on one consultation, the more aligned and aware they are to their most natural and unbiased self. This commitment to their own growth allows them to navigate a more productive and harmonized life.

Harmony Packages clients can choose between weekly 30-minute sessions or bi-weekly 1-hour sessions, with discounted rates for 3, 6, or 12 month commitments.


For those looking for a bit more flexibility, please see our a la carte options for our standard rates below.

A La Carte

Book consultations as desired when it's most convenient for you. Sessions are 30-90 minutes, with the option to add on follow-up sessions as desired. Use the button below to choose a session length, then book and pay online. 

Consultation Topics

Personal consultations are free form and fully customizable to whatever you’d like to discover. To give an idea of the most common topics clients focus on in their session we broke them out into the following.


Perfect for discovering your most natural self, navigate life's seasons, and/or better understanding of your relationships' dynamics. Feel free to ask about anything that comes to mind related to work, your current interpersonal or personal challenges/roadblocks, ways to gain confidence in your decision making, etc.


Whether you seek guidance finding harmony with your parents, siblings, or your child, the Powers Method can help you understand your karmic relationship dynamic, without bias and ego. 

Understanding relationship dynamics can help you (both) recognize when your relationship is out of balance, and exactly how to rebalance. It can also help in understanding each other's key motivators, strengths and weaknesses, etc.


No relationship dynamic is better than the other, they simply have different ways they can get out of sync. Conversely, each person in the relationship has different ways they need to work to get their karmic energy balanced. 


You can also learn each others triggers, strengths and weaknesses, and motivators. This combined knowledge could provide the clarity to grow together. 


Knowing when the right moment is can be challenging. However, when you can anticipate the kind of energy that's coming your way (like knowing the weather forecast), you know how to plan for it and use it to your advantage.

In your session, you can learn when and how to plan for life's big decisions, understand why you're not where you want to be, or to simply learn what you to anticipate and practice in the coming years or months.


Making decisions or plans related to a career search or shift can be stressful and overwhelming for many. Understanding your strengths/weaknesses, motivators, the right roles for you, and your seasonality can make these transitions smoother.

This also makes a great gift to young adults in the community that are facing transitional life events, especially graduating high school or college. These sessions can them anticipate the kind of energy that's coming their way (like knowing the weather forecast), and tools to help plan for it.

Powers Method Chikako HoshinoPowers

Still not sure?

Book a complimentary 15-minute session with Chikako to ask any questions about the methodology or services we offer.


"Chikako used principles from mathematics, astrology, numerology and other methods along with her intuitive sense. She helped me better connect to parts of myself and I learned how my energy can be helped or challenged by the energies around me. She informed me of aspects of myself which over time I had forgotten or had somehow diminished - but after being reminded of them I found it super helpful in my ability to reach a fuller potential. She truly helps you discover more about yourself, and helps you navigate through your own energies and whatʻs happening around you right now - so that you can glow your brightest!”

Tanya Yamanaka

Advertising Manager & Mother 

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