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Corporate Services

Bring the positive benefit of the Powers Method into your workplace. Your team and workplace can benefit from clarity, communication tools, and insights designed to improve team harmony and productivity.

For Business & Workplace

Whether you're a team of one or many, planning and running a business has its challenges. The Powers Method can provide clarity on you or your team's motivators, triggers, strengths and weaknesses, natural communication style, current life season, etc. It can also help you identify opportune dates to make key executive decisions, launch a new service, invest in new ventures, or grow your team.
Get the tools to help you find harmony, joy and productivity in your business or team by incorporating the Powers Method in any of these three ways:

Powers Method Corporate Road Woods

Request a Custom Proposal

Find the right solution for you and your team by requesting a custom proposal today to see how the Powers Method may fit in your organization.


"Chikako is absolutely amazing! ... After having readings with Chikako, I feel comforted in knowing what my true purpose and karma for this life is. She helps to guide me on my own path and helps to provide valuable thoughts and information about me and my true self. ... Chikako helps me to navigate my way through this life with my own personal treasure map by filling in some of the blanks and helping to point my shoulders in the right direction for my journey.”

Sara Linton


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