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Chikako HoshinoPowers


Chikako began her journey into the healing arts over 20 years ago with massage therapy. As she recognized the power of healing the body through massage, she was motivated to explore the wide variety of body work and became a world-renowned instructor of body work through massage and spa practices. 

However, as she continued to expand her knowledge of how to heal the body, she couldn’t help the feeling that something was missing. In her search for the missing piece, she quickly realized that true healing requires a balanced blend of healing and harmony not just in the body, but also in the mind and soul.

Chikako HoshinoPowers Founder of Powers Method

So, her research continued through education and practice in many modalities focused on healing the mind, body, and/or soul. 

The development of the Powers Method is a result of decades of exploration and studying the different behavioral and cognitive methodologies from around the world as pieces of the puzzle began to click into place. Resulting in the current blend of modalities from eastern origins (Yin-Yang five & six elements, Kigaku, Feng Shui, etc.), western origins (Astrology, Numerology, Kabbalah, etc.), and modern psychology.

Her ultimate goal with bringing this blended methodology to the world is to provide people the ability to find validation, purpose, and ultimately their joy from within, in a way that becomes intrinsic and effortless, so they don’t have to seek (often superficial) external validations and stimuli (as many of us are conditioned to do in modern society). 


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