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Learn about the methodology and how to put it to use in your daily life. Join the waitlist to be first to learn when the next course will be offered!

Learn the Powers Method

When you learn the Powers Method through our courses, you can not only put it into daily practice in your own life but you can become an important contributor to the harmony of your community and everyone they come into contact with, creating a positive rippling effect. In our courses you will discover for yourself how to practice the Powers Method, and watch as the insights you uncover positively impact your life and the lives of those around you. Imagine the incredible impact you can create with just one course.

Course Offerings

Begin your journey with the Powers Method by learning the basics. Additional courses are available for those looking to become professional consultants and educators using the methodology.

Basis Course Detals

Basics Course

The Powers Method Basics course is designed to give you comprehensive knowledge that you can immediately and effectively apply to your daily life. Taking this course will instantly improve your understanding of yourself and those in your community, with clear steps on how to manifest joy, success, compassion, and clarity.

Here are somethings you can expect to uncover in the Powers Method Basics course:

  • Removes bias and self-depreciating patterns by clearly outlining why, where, when, with who, and how you can best tackle life to target the best outcome(s).

  • Truly understand your unbiased and unconditional strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to balance both as needed.

  • Grow awareness of your subconscious triggers and tendencies. Quickly apply learned skills to remedy feelings of being stagnant, overwhelmed, frustrated, disappointed, etc.

  • Demystify perfect timing and coincidence by taking advantage of life’s seasons. This can make it easier to plan life’s moments (when to go back to school, when to buy a house, when to start a business, etc.).

  • By understanding your (unbiased) nature, your (manageable) life lesson, and your (adaptable) life season cycles you can master your being to achieve unlimited potential.

  • When you know the patterns in life’s cycles, you also can easily manage your day-to-day operations by being mindful of when you are falling and out of balance. Let the knowledge of the Powers Method guide you back into a balanced state to ease your comfort and encourage both short term and long term success.

  • Unveil your soul's purpose. Achieve clarity on the boundaries of what roles and responsibilities provide you the most success and joy in life.

  • Learn how to coach yourself and coach others effectively in your career or business to optimize the best results.

  • Arm yourself with the knowledge of how to effectively motivate and communicate with your community to achieve your goals.

  • Learn how to love and care for one another with a clear and accurate relationship playbook.

  • By understanding each other’s seasons, purpose, motivators, and most effective communication style, you unlock simplicity, joy, and true understanding with those closest to you.

  • Become the most effective and well-informed parent or influencer to the children, or impressionable minds in your life.

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"Chikako has helped me with everything from timing launches in my business to my wedding date. She has helped my husband and I understand our strengths as individuals and as a couple and has showed us where we can further support each other. All of Chikako's guidance is spot on. She is an Expert at what she does! If you have a big decision coming up your first stop should be to meet with Chikako!”

Arliss Dudley-Cash MA MBA

Business Consultant 

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