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The Methodology


The Powers Method’s science-based methodology makes it accessible for everyone to learn and incorporate into daily life— and the results are surprisingly rapid. 

Although the Powers Method in its current blended methodology is newer, the foundational concepts and methods are not. With this methodology, you receive a modern and comprehensive blend of these modalities: Yin-Yang five & six elements, Kigaku, Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui, Kabbalah, and psychology. This blend of ancient practices provides practical insights and tools that beautifully compliment current societies and systems. 

The intention of the Powers Method is to provide the opportunity for people to find validation and purpose from within, rather than seeking them externally. Giving individuals, and groups, the path to harnessing the positive momentum of the universe and to help them accept certain realities with self-compassion and grace.

Powers Method About the Methodology

When put in practice, you can quickly discover the following: 

  • Your most natural and unbiased characteristics: strengths, weaknesses, relationship with money, optimal work environments/roles, etc.  

  • Your life’s purpose

  • Ability to know when you may be out of balance and needing to refocus to find balance (and how)

  • Ability to confidently pinpoint exactly when to make life’s decisions, both big and small

  • Relation dynamics with others: their motivators, triggers, preferred/effective communication styles, etc.

These insights and tools can provide immediate clarity and confidence when making personal, familial, and/or professional decisions.


To learn more or experience the Powers Method, book your first personal consultation with us today by following the link below!

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